Objective2 +ODAC - digital version
Objective2 +ODAC - digital version Objective2 +ODAC - digital version Objective2 +ODAC - digital version Objective2 +ODAC - digital version Objective2 +ODAC - digital version
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Predecessor for the Limited Special Edition of the Objective2+ODAC combo is now available.

Due to the demand on a simple combination of Objective2 and ODAC we are introducing the Objective2+ODAC - digital version.


No more cable nests on your desk and in standard colors black and silver, the digital version comes with all input connectors on the back. The front panel has been cleaned up and contains only the necessary elements to operate the amplifier. The only cable that will run over your desk is the one of your headphones.
As the amplifier contains only a connector for digital sources to be connected via USB the gain settings have been amended accordingly to prevent input clipping. 

Technical Specifications:

  • 6.3mm Headphone socket 
  • build in ODAC revB with mini USB connector
  • volume regulated RCA output (pre-amplified)
  • ALPS Stereo Potentiometer + full Aluminium knob
  • 230V~ 15 VAC 500mA Power supply (Euro, UK, AU and US version available)
  • Gain switch (1x and 3.3x gain as standard)
  • back power inlet
  • choice of black or silver

An USB cable (90cm/3ft) with ferrite bead and gold plated contacts is included for free, longer cables are available separately.


 Measurements ObjectiveDAC:

Frequency Response, 20-20kHz +/-0.04 dB
THD+N 100 Hz, -0.15dBFS 0.0013%
THD+N 20 Hz -0.15dBFS 0.0015%
THD+N 10 kHz -0.15dBFS 0.0024%
Noise, A-Weighted – 103 dB
Dynamic Range (A-Weighted) > 112 dB
Dynamic Range (Un-Weighted) > 109 dB
Crosstalk @ 1kHz, -10dBFS (3.5mm) -86.4 dB
Sum of Jitter Components @ 11025 Hz, -1dBFS -112.3 dB
IMD CCIF, -6.03 dBFS, 19/20kHz, 24/96k 0.0005%
IMD SMPTE -2 dBFS, 24/96k 0.0008%
Linearity @ -90dBFS -0.08 dB
Maximum output 2.10 VRMS

Measurements Objective2:

Frequency Response  +/- 0.1 dB
Noise (ref 400 mV)  -105 dB
THD 1 Khz 150 Ohms  0.0016%
Output Impedance  0.54 Ohms 


A full list of the measurements can be found in NwAvGuy's blog.

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