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Power Supply 15V AC 500mA
Based on 2 reviews.
  This supply has been made to order for the O2 Headphone Amplifier Input Voltage: 2..
12.95 CHF
Ex Tax: 11.99 CHF
Toroid transformer 2x 115V to 12-0-12 V 12A
Toroid transformer with 2x 115V primary and 12V-0-12V secondary 12A Comes with mounting mater..
23.10 CHF
Ex Tax: 23.10 CHF
9V rechargeable Battery 300mAh
Based on 1 reviews.
  9V rechargeable Battery with a low self discharge rate, now with even more energy to p..
5.55 CHF
Ex Tax: 5.14 CHF
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