SMD to DIP8 adapter
SMD to DIP8 adapter SMD to DIP8 adapter SMD to DIP8 adapter
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Did you ever have the issue wanting to try one of the new generation opamps in a test circuit on a breadboard just to figure that it is not available in a DIP package?
So have I, but after some search I found the solution provided by Texas Instruments:

This little PCB provides you with 6x6 (!!!) adapters to DIP8 for the following SMD packages:

  • SO-8
  • TSSOP8
  • MSOP8
  • SOT23-6
  • SC70
  • SOT563

The last three being for 6 pin devices but can be used very well for SMD transistors as well :)

Package will include 1 PCB with 36 adapters and 2x 40pin headers to keep you going. if aditional pin headers are needed they can be purchased separately

Assembly is best done on a breadboard to get the pin headers straight (see picture)


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