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dear all,


as usual supplier hick-ups happen at the worst time possible, just before the holidays. I got informed today, after asking several times this week, that the last order of PCB's got messed up and had to be re-produced.

Bad news being I just used the last PCB I had and am dry now, hopefully the factory will ship today so the PCB's will arrive by mid of next week. Updates will follow here.


Update - 

PCB's finally arrived on 27th of December, the backlog is almost cleared out and orders will be processed as usual from tomorrow (03/01/2018) onwards.
Happy New Year,



Other issues -...

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To let you have part of the move and founding of the new company here in Germany all orders will ship for free for the whole month of July, just use the code SHIP4FREE during checkout.

There will be more changes to the webshop during the next couple of weeks, so check back frequently, please. Any comments are appreciated.


Your Head 'n HiFi Team

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Dear customers and visitors, my live here in Switzerland changed quite a bit over the last months due to personal reasons and decisions resulting out of those. So I will go back to Germany in 3 weeks time.

I am currently in the process to pack things up over here and to found the new company in Germany, so during the next weeks there will be some delays in processing orders that come in but I will try my best to get them out in a timely manner.

There will be more updates soon o this matter, so stay tuned ;)


All the best and have a great summer ahead, Stefan

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