Posted by in on Aug 13, 2016 .
Dear all, due to a family emergency I will not be able to build and ship regularly during the next coming weeks. You might need to calculate with a couple of days delay in order processing.
Thanks for your understanding, Stefan 

Posted by in News on Nov 26, 2015 .
Out of EU Power Supplies

the recent escapades from Massdrop messed up my stock on EU supplies, order with the supplier is placed since a while and shipping date from the factory will be tomorrow. Unfortunately this will be a tad to late, just packed the last one I had in stock...

So supplies should arrive here by mid of next week, I will ship out all pending orders as soon as they arrive.


Sorry for the inconvenience,


Posted by in News on May 14, 2015 .
ODAC revB in stock

We are pleased to announce that we have the new ODAC revB in stock now. Well, actually for a good week now but sometimes time is scarce and things take a bit longer.

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