Founded in 2012 Head 'n' HiFi - Walter set its goal to provide affordable DIY Projects and Audio equipment to the masses. Based in Zurich, Switzerland we are currently working out of a small office in the founders flat (That would be me...) and a ~50m2 off-site workshop where kits and devices are prepared, assembled and stored. We are currently hosting the designs from NwAvGuy, a blogger from the US who wanted to proof that you can achive excellent results with standard parts, end result was the now well known O2 who has been sold hundreds, if not thousands of times all over the world.

After following group buy  threads in different forums and seeing a lot of them go sour or just end without interrested people having the chance to get all parts needed for a reasonable price (me being one of them) I started thinking. Result is this webshop.
Prices are kept low by buying parts at volume discount levels much higher than a private person can afford (who needs thousands of OPAMPs for himself) and by cutting out the middleman where possible. We have for example all enclosures custom made for the products we sell and source standard parts from the manufacturers directly.

For the future we hope to be able to gain your and the Audio communities trust and host plenty of projects for you to choose from. Once a project makes it here it will not be discontinued due to lack of volume sold. I believe there is always someone out there, even in a couple of years that would like to build an O2 ;) This way you'll never miss out again.
What might happen though is that some parts might be sustituted if the original ones are reaching their End Of Life. Substitutes will always be discussed with the designer for approval though to avoid negative effects on the device itself.