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Holiday Notice

I will be on vaccation from 23rd of August till 10th of September, during this time orders can be placed as usual but will not be shipped before, depending on order volume, a couple of days later.

Thanks, Stefan

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EU Power Supplies out of Stock

Update FINAL: Power supplies arrived today, 13/05/2019, all pending orders have now been completed and will ship tomorrow, back to business as usual. Thank you all for your patience.


Update 2: just received the message that the power supplies afre pending customs clearance in Cologne... more to follow.


Update: Power supplies are in transit and will arrive here on Wednesday 08.05. if there are no delays with customs clearance.


Due to some issues on supplier side the last order of power supplies has been delayed, last one has just been shipped.

It is estimated to take one more week for them to be...

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dear all,


as usual supplier hick-ups happen at the worst time possible, just before the holidays. I got informed today, after asking several times this week, that the last order of PCB's got messed up and had to be re-produced.

Bad news being I just used the last PCB I had and am dry now, hopefully the factory will ship today so the PCB's will arrive by mid of next week. Updates will follow here.


Update - 

PCB's finally arrived on 27th of December, the backlog is almost cleared out and orders will be processed as usual from tomorrow (03/01/2018) onwards.
Happy New Year,



Other issues -...

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